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One Day Seminar   $242.00
Youth Seminar          $93.50
Attend Both             $297.00


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Workshops & Seminars Schedule

Workshops - Dates and Venues

This page is regularly updated so if you do not see a Workshop or Seminars in your area please come back and visit us soon or if you would like to be kept up to date with our Workshop Dates or receive our Quarterly Newsletter please join our email list.

Professional Development Workshops for Schools or Agencies

Like to discuss your specific needs with us, please use our Contact Us page or drop us an e-mail to or call us on 0488 99 77 65.

If you, your agency, organisation, support group or school are interested in hosting an ADHD Professional Development Workshop or have Kerry appear as a keynote speaker, we'd be delighted to work with you.

Please use our Contact Us page or drop us an e-mail to with your requirements.

Kerry Cooney.

Seminar Details for 2014

These Seminars are presented by Renowned Australasian speaker on Behaviour Management for challenging behaviours Kerry Cooney, Author and Founder of Every Day with ADHD Australia and New Zealand.

We all experience the frustration and stress caused by the disengaged child, student, young person or adult.
Learn how to motivate these individuals towards engagement and change; break life cycles; provide positive futures; understand the tools required to move them forward toward better choices.

Take a journey to understand the world of the child with ADHD along with why and how their world effects their environment and all those around.

Discover the keys necessary to help change their environment, decrease anger and aggression; reduce stress and anxiety; provide tools for the child's future; while giving recognition and credit to their abundant positive qualities.

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The following seminars have been designed to offer management keys to parents, teachers, early childhood staff, in fact, any one who wants to understand and better manage the world of ADHD.

Who should attend?
Parents Carers Support staff
Disability Workers Youth Workers Justice Workers
Drug and Alcohol Mental Health Educators
Allied Health Managers Service Coordinators

One Day Open Seminar

Acknowledging Challenges BUT Living the Potential

Participants will leave understanding the perspective of those with ADHD and how to use that understanding to engage or reengage with individuals of all ages.

How to decrease anger, aggression and outbursts; Reduce stress and anxiety; Communicate effectively;
Provide a positive future perspective; Recognise appropriate tools for the future; How to encourage positive qualities and strengths; Provide realistic and positive interventions through developing a behaviour management program.

Participant’s current experiences will be utilised throughout the day; Presenting issues that impact behaviour and learning will be discussed in order to provide vital, practical and every day strategies.


3.5 hour Youth Workshop

Understanding the behaviour of ADHD and Learning Disabilities
Managing the behaviour of ADHD and Learning Disabilities
Turning Disengagement into Engagement

2014 Seminar Schedule

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