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Success Stories

This page is dedicated to providing comments received from readers .

We invite you to let us know what you think of the book by using our Contact Us page.

Kerry Cooney.

"The best book I have come across by far with a completely different outlook by providing much needed insite into the world of kids with adhd as well as supplying 'at crisis' level much needed perspective on how to turn a negative situation around into a positive approach to discipline, education and lifestyle for the adhd family - thank you!

Single mum

"I found the workshop very good. I'm about half through the book and finding it very practical. Ruth my wife said that she liked the summaries which provided a quick review and reminder.

We are not new to this, currently having 4 ADHD (foster) children and 2 with autism (and an adopted child with cerebral palsy). We've had the older children for over 15 years and have had ADHD children previously.

We have not recognised some of the things as ADHD issues such as being temperature sensitive. We have also been encouraged to be less negative, and more positive with reduced stress. It is early days yet but we are looking forward to good results.

I have got on the email list and we are awaiting the new book, web topics, and on-line support.

Thank you again for the very practical workshop and book."


"I am in the process of reading your book and out of all the ADHD literature I have read it makes the most sense to me.

Thank you"
Mother of 7 year old boy.

"Kerry I was so glade to hear that you are conducting a Workshop in our area. I can't wait, everything seemed like a lost cause until recently when our doctor told us about you and your book, it really helped me and my son!!

Thank you"

"....even if you do not have an ADHD child the techniques in the book will be beneficial to you as a lot of them could be applied to a plain old difficult child...."

"....even if you do not have an ADHD child the techniques in the book will be beneficial to you as a lot of them could be applied to a plain old difficult child...."

"....I think that your book is informative, easy to read ...and... is in no way patronising....."

"I believe it will change the lives of many parents...."

A young, single mum with one child who describes herself as literate but a 'non-reader'.

As an early childhood educator I have struggled with many strategies to limit destructive behaviour and to nurture the desire to be creative and inventive in the ADHD child.

Within this book I have found a simple and positive method of behaviour management that is easy to implement and maintain.

As a result I feel confident that when caring for the ADHD child in the future I will be armed with the best possible tools and strategies to ensure that I am providing a constructive learning environment for these very special children.

I hope that many other carers can benefit from this book so that we can better assist parents in caring for ADHD children and in helping them to grow and develop.

Early Childhood Educator

Re: My Son Failing School -- Help ... !!!
From ADHD Forum website

I'm a single mum of 2 children. My eldest (7YRS) is in grade 2 public primary school (Australia) and was diagnosed adhd, social/conduct disorder, specific Learning Difficulty disorder, and is on ritilan. He has so far failed every year to date!!!! My youngest (4 YRS) is in kinder and shows traits of adhd also.

I was told the diagnoses and then left to deal with the real world and left to research adhd so i may learn myself with no professional explanations/help to teach me how to deal with my son's conditions

I then two months ago dropped my youngest off at kinder and read a newsletter stuck on the foyer window of a seminar that evening about adhd by a lady called Kerry Cooney.

I went to it and i swear on my sons life!!!!!! it was the best thing i had done for my and for my son. For the first time this woman who was in the field of adhd for more than 30years and has a 23yr old son with adhd spoke in laymen terms and made it understandable for the first time!!!!!!

I highly recommend you purchase her book "Everyday with ADHD" by Kerry Cooney

As a single mum who was struggling with adhd and my sons learning disability at school (he refuses to do any work or put pen to paper, cannot read or write etc) i took the book to a school meeting and afterwards changed the teachers way of thinking how they are educating my son and others with adhd in the school. Buy it . i promise you it will be money well spent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. personally my opinion is every professional that deals with kids that have adhd should do this woman's workshops! I did and for the first time in 7 years i feel my son turning the corner!!!!!!

Good Morning Kerry,

I attended your Frankston seminar on ADHD to learn how best to deal with several of my students. I have approached my principal recently and we were wondering if it is at all possible for you to attend our school and do a PD for staff.  He was thrilled I learnt so much and spoke very highly of you and I do believe your realistic approach and workable strategies are just what other staff members need to hear.  If you would like to email me back or perhaps let me know a time to call you about this then that would be great.

Thank you
Primary School Teacher

I’ve never heard ADHD explained like that before.”

“I know a couple of others who didn’t come because they thought it was going to be just another talk on ADHD. If we knew it was going to be like this, we all would have come.”

“I’ve read pretty much everything on the market t do with ADHD. Your book is by far the best.”

“I thought I knew so much about ADHD but I never really understood it. It makes so much more sense now.”

Hi Kerry,

Thanks for Monday night. I'm really glad I attended the course.

Well what can I say other than the strategies worked. I'm amazed.

On Tuesday at school I told Jack he had 5 min to play. After that we walked to the gate. I stopped Jack and told him what I wanted to do. I said in firm strong voice that I didn't want him to run off from me anymore. I told him the consequence's if he did. I looked at him right in the eyes, he listened and he walked with me all the way to the car. The next day he walked again to the car with me and the next we repeated the same instructions, it worked.

Tuesday night I got myself into a routine with bedtime and have stuck with it all week. I made sure Jack has a shower and seems to just calm him down. He sits and plays or we read. Bedtime, I warn him how much longer to go. So the first night I told him the instructions looking into his eyes and said about each time he gets out of bed its a minute earlier the next night. He asked lots of questions and I answered all of them. I made sure he went to toilet before bed and he had a piece of fruit. Once in bed I gave him a good back scratch and then a massage very short one but it relaxed him. He didn't get out of bed once and I have done this all week and he has obeyed the instructions.

I'm very proud of my young man and told him every morning what he achieved and how great he was.

I know I will have days where this might not work but I'm amazed at how quick it did work. I'm just going to keep working on main issues that concern me and hopefully our house will become more peaceful, and I will be able to relax a bit more.

Mum Vic

I related to everything that was spoken about on Thursday night, and whilst my son was diagnosed 5 years ago when he was 7 and a half (after a diagnosis of childhood absence epilepsy as well) , and i had what i thought was a lot of knowledge and what i thought was an understanding, i came out of Thursday night with more of an understanding of how my son feels every day, not how i thought he feels.

I purchased the book and it is the most relative and concise reference i have reviewed to date, i had another book that had became my bible, but was full of a lot of text and jargon... your book is my new bible :)

I only wish i had heard about the workshops 5 years ago, as it was also a good networking opportunity.

“To keep 70 staff interested for 2 hours is a feat, but you had them mesmerised.”

“The book is so easy to read and practical.”

“Everyone I speak to is raving about it. I’m sorry I missed it now.”

Kerry, update for you!

I had a meeting at my son primary school today. I briefed them on the 2 workshops i went to and what i had learned and you will be glad to know the class teacher along with the principle and the school Psychologist who were at this meeting were amazed!!!

They are having a private meeting next Friday to discuss changing the way they are teaching the students with ADHD and simplifying their work at school and the dreaded Homework. Your suggestion to highlight a word a week from reader is also going ahead! As well as only giving him 2 words instead of 10 a week for spelling! It’s a start!!!!!!!!! and the school Psychologist is buying your book and going to attend your workshop.

Again thank you for your workshops! They are making a difference even though my new practises are a work in progress!!!! Vic

My husband and I attended your workshop in Portland last night and I would just like to thank you. I first purchased your book in September 2009 and when I read it I thought someone has written a manual about my son. Your book has given me the permission to be more assertive in my son's education and not to just take what is said and given. I found it to be fantastic and positive which is something I feel that parents with these children just do not get to hear often, everything else that you research is just so negative and can make you want to cry for your children. I was also able to use that positivity in the book to show my son that there is a good side to this and that he is not just one big ball and negative ADHD. I am hanging out to read your next book so that I can have some insight into my next few years. My mother and father are currently reading your book as my brother is also an ADHD suffer. Thank you

Feedback from the staff was great it was a great benefit for them and really gave the staff a better understanding of ADHD.

I did buy 2 of the books, and found the book to be excellent. I loan out one of the books regularly, that’s why I bought 2 because I have found that

Dear Kerry,

I didn’t get to attend the Every day with ADHD session that you ran in Portland, however I did buy 2 of the books, and found the book to be excellent. I loan out one of the books regularly, that’s why I bought 2 because I have found that good books often don’t come back as people tend to pass them on to others and then you lose track of them.

I am interested in doing the train the trainer course.

I have a 14 year old with Aspergers syndrome and an eating disorder, and I have 2 grandchildren with ADHD and 1 with Aspergers. I work in disability and have some children with ADHD who are in the process of preparing for transition to Secondary school, and some who are in their mid primary school years. I am eager to hear from you regarding any sessions available in this area.

Disability Case Manager Vic

You’ve given me a lot to think about. I need to change the way I view things – Teacher

Now my husband and I are both on the same page. Thank you.

This wasn’t boring at all. I’d come to another one. - Father

I just wanted you to keep going, I’m learning so much.

I’ve already tried a couple of ideas you suggested and they do work.

I keep your book beside my bed. It encourages me particularly when we’ve had a not so good day.

If I had to describe your book in a couple of words they would be compassion and hope.

I have read your book and found it so very, very helpful. Also I have just read your newsletter, great tips on school holidays, as I was dreading them, but I think I might be able to get through them and enjoy them, which will be a first.

“My husband and I would like to thank you for your very helpful workshop we attended. It’s amazing how much you can see when you turn the light on and open your mind. Thanks so much.”

A paediatrician to another professional “...she has educated herself exceptionally well about ADHD. She has found an excellent book “Every Day with ADHD” by Kerry Cooney which seems very thorough and useful. I will be getting myself a copy of this to read and also to lend out to parents” “I found the workshop very good. I’m about half way through the book and find it very practical. My wife said that she liked the summaries which provided a quick review and reminder.”

“As foster carers we are not new to this. We did not recognise some of the things as ADHD issues....We have been encouraged to be less negative and more positive with reduced stress.”

“Thank you for a very practical workshop and book. It is early days yet but we are looking forward to good results.”

“I am in the process of reading your book and out of all the ADHD literature I have read it makes the most sense to me. We are already trying to make significant changes at home and at school.”

“I’m going to buy a copy of the book for the rest of my family. I think it will make a big difference to how they think.”

“All of this can be used on all children.”

“I created a positive classroom. All the children responded well but the difference in the four with ADHD was astounding.”

“It’s great to finally hear someone speak so positively about ADHD.”

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