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Following are a series of interviews with Kerry Cooney.


3 August 2012 - ADHD: why parents are hiding it By Fiona Baker

It is a condition that is often treated with suspicion due to a lack of understanding, but help is available for kids and their families.

Read the article.

The Herald Sun

21 November 2011 - Outrage at child services threat to parents of ADHD kids By Owen Vaughan

FAMILY support groups have slammed new health guidelines that threaten parents of children with ADHD with child protection authorities if they fail to properly medicate their children.

Read the article.

The Advocate with Veronika Cox

30 June 2010 - Be Positive in dealing with ADHD "There is nothing more satisfying to Kerry Cooney than watching a parent or teacher's face light up as they discover strategies to deal with attention deficit hyperactivity discorder (ADHD)." Read a copy of the article PDF (1711kb). (To download a copy right click and save)

ABC Gippsland with Celine Foenander

12 April 2010 - Organisation the key to ADHD Listen to MP3 file (approximately 20 - minutes 2.8Mb) (To download a copy right click and save)

Kerry Cooney's son was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) nearly 20 years ago.

She says that ADHD children suffer from short term memory loss which inhibits their ability to organise themselves.

The lack of order causes them to become frustrated and angry.

'It's time for parents, teachers, carers and all those involved to receive some strategies,' says Kerry.

Celine Foenander spoke to Kerry about her book, Everyday ADHD and the workshops she is holding in Gippsland over the next week..

Womans Day

15 June 2009 - Dealing with ADHD "Are your child's tantrums just plain old naughtiness? Or could it be ADHD? Here's how to find a difficult child's inner angel ..." Read a copy of the article PDF (109kb). (To download a copy right click and save)

Food Additivies "more information about how colours and additives can affect behaviour" Read a copy of the article PDF (88kb). (To download a copy right click and save)

New Idea - Dr John D'Arcy

18 May 2009 - All About ADHD "Here's how you can help your child and family cope with this condition." Read a copy of the article PDF (512kb). (To download a copy right click and save)

ABC Nightlife with Tony Delroy

Nightlife 11 May 2009 Listen to MP3 file (approximately 40 - minutes 10Mb) (To download a copy right click and save)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can have a devastating effect on families, and parents can have a terrible time trying to discover ways to help their child. On the Nightlife to discuss current treatments and what a parent can do if they suspect their child has ADHD, Dr Jacques Duff from the Behaviour Neuropathy Clinic in Melbourne and Kerry Cooney, mum and author of a book for parents about ADHD.

Listener Feedback

I have just listened to Kerry Cooney on ABC radio tonight and just loved her. I have a 6yr old boy, diagnosed last year with ADHD with a minor trait of Austim and I am just so passionate to find out as much information as I can to help my beautiful son. Kerry hit the nail on the head on radio tonight ...she was fabulous and it was quite refreshing and beautiful to hear her talk and so positive.

Thanks Libby


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