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Interested in having Kerry speaking at your Function or Training Session

Contact Kerry with your requirements admin@everydaywithadhd.com.au or call Mobile:  +61 409 002 367 (Australia)

Typical Presentation Costs
2 hours $550 + Expenses
3 hours $770 + Expenses
4 hours $880 + Expenses
5 hours $1,100 + Expenses

Every Day with ADHD at A Glance

Every Day with ADHD provides parents and professionals the opportunity to understand the world of ADHD, challenging behaviours, learning disabilities and related disorders, as well as providing a powerful series of proven, practical, simple, ready-to-use techniques and strategies for every day real life.

Every Day with ADHD offers:

  • Training in understanding the unique perception of those with ADHD and related disorders
  • The practices and strategies necessary to engagement individuals in everyday living
  • The tools and resources required for ongoing support and development
  • A community approach where all sectors and ages are catered for with training and resources
  • Practices that are transferable to all children
  • A behaviour management program based on strengths
  • Strategies that are transferable
  • Answers the hard questions
  • Caters to all sectors within the community
  • Resources for ongoing support

PresentationsEvery Day with ADHD

Kerry offers presentations that are tailored to the needs and environments of participants. In each session relevant examples and strategies are provided.

The length of the session determines the depth to which each topic is covered and the inclusion of questions time.

Topics include:

All age groups
How the characteristics impact the child’s response, including outbursts;
Approaches to behaviour management along with the process for implementation;
The keys for making a lasting difference;
How to release their potential
How to reach and teach the child with challenging behaviours;
How to encourage positive qualities and strengths;
Provide realistic and positive interventions
How to decrease anger, aggression and outbursts;
How to communicate effectively;
Engaging with parents

How to engage or reengage young people
Why there is so much anger and aggression
How to decrease the anger, aggression and outbursts;
Why youth with ADHD are over represented in Youth Justice, suicide, early school leaving and substance abuse
How to break the cycle

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