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ADHD Information Sheets

This page is dedicated to providing additional resources for your information. The information below can be viewed on line or to download a copy right click on the Information Sheet required and select (Save Target As...)

This page is added to on a regular basis so please come back and visit us from time to time.

First direct evidence that ADHD is a Genetic Disorder is found

 From Neuroscience News.   Read article
 From Ashley Hall The World Today ABC.  Audio file

General Information

Every Day With ADHD - Information Sheets

Here is some general information and helpful tips for all those parenting, caring for, or educating children with challenging behaviours.

 Is ADHD New  Read PDF (78KB)
 The causes of ADHD  Read PDF (63KB)
 10 Things Parents should know  Read PDF (98KB)
 The positive aspects of ADHD  Read PDF (62KB)
 How to handle stress  Read PDF (80KB)
 Brief comparison of ADHD and ASD  Read PDF (70KB)
 Description of passive, aggressive and assertive behaviours  Read PDF (61KB)

People with ADHD and/or Specific Learning Disabilities

Here is some helpful information on ADHD and/or Specific Learning Disabilities.

 Famous Men with ADHD/SLD   Read PDF (416KB)
 Famous Women with ADHD/SLD  Read PDF (165KB)
 Interview with Sylvester Stallone's mother  Read PDF (74KB)

Food and Diet

Many Children with ADHD react poorly to various foods and food additives. Following are some guidelines for you reference.

 Food Additives to Avoid   Read PDF (65KB)

General Exercises and Information

Here is some general exercises and information.

 Short Term Memory Deficit Exercises  Read PDF (63KB)
 Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences  Read PDF (113KB)
 Your Child's Learning Style  Read PDF (106KB)
 Understanding of Kinesthetic Intelligence  Read PDF (80KB)
 Educational Software  Read PDF (74KB)

Inspiring Quotes

Here is some inspiring quotes.

 The Crazy Ones
 This is a quote from Jack Kerouac, used by Steve Jobs
 Read PDF (60KB)

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Information Sheets

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