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Wake Up The Sleeping Giant - Disc 1 Introduction DVD

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The goal of the Wake up the Sleeping Giant Series is to provide teens and young adults with basic knowledge, understanding and strategies about themselves and the world around them in order to highlight their potential and encourage the decision making and choice processes in their lives.

The first DVD in the series is about ADHD in general providing basic knowledge and understanding of ADHD to young people with this condition delivered in the following sections.

General DVD Outline

Overall Run Time:                    58 minutes
Section Times:                         5 – 14 minutes
Purpose: To provide basic knowledge and understanding of ADHD to young people with this condition

Section 1
What’s this all about?               8 minutes
The importance of choices; the knowledge and information necessary for making choices

Section 2
What’s Different?                      4 minutes
Brief discussion on ADHD/SLD causes

Section 3
I am who I am - Part 1              15 minutes
Examples of major characteristics and their impact on everyday life using the analogy of a car

Section 4
I am who I am – Part                8 minutes
Exploration of strengths and abilities; the importance of using them; how to discover them

Section 5
What’s wrong with the world?   10 minutes
The need for and the difficulty of relating to others; accepting ourselves and choosing to act

Section 6
Taking back control                    7 minutes
Recognising and dealing with frustration, anger and aggression

Section 7
I will choose                               6 minutes
Not allowing life’s challenges to dictate your life

Presented by Kerry Cooney Author and Founder of Every Day with ADHD

Run Time 58 minutes
Available in PAL and NTSC Format

  Wake Up The Sleeping Giant - Disc 1 Introduction DVD

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