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Downloadable Booklet Approaches and Keys - The Package Deal

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Approaches and Keys - The Package Deal

(downloadable PDF file ready to print)

I believe the premise on which most behaviour management programs for challenging behaviours are based is incorrect.

That premise assumes that all children (and people) see their world, their experiences and situations in the same manner as everyone else and therefore should react in a similar (if not the same) way.

It is an incorrect assumption for children with ADHD/ learning disabilities

These children do not see the world in the same way as other children. Therefore they do not react in the same way as other children.

The correct premise is our starting point for behaviour management. This enables the child to be engaged now and create more positive life outcomes in the future.

Behaviour management is a package deal requiring the implementation of all approaches - accommodation, training, strength based living, positivity and then discipline. (Refer to Every Day with ADHD - the book or download sessions)

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  Downloadable Booklet Approaches and Keys - The Package Deal

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