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Other Questions and Suggestions

Q. I have trouble with my son tearing all the sheets I put on his bed. His bed alone looks like a disaster area. Do other kids with ADHD do this or just mine?

S. Other parents certainly do face the same challenge as you. Perhaps try a sleeping bag – one that doesn’t make him too hot. The inside of the sleeping bag may eventually be torn but it will take a lot longer.

Q. As a parent of a child with ADHD, I know I have to expect other people not to understand and that they may judge me. But it’s my family’s comments that hurt the most. How can I make them accept the situation?

S. On top of all the other stress, family judgement can almost be enough to tip us over the edge. Try holding a family gathering (each side of the family separately). Organise an activity that separates the children from the adults and, while one of you minds the children, the other can conduct the role play from the book. Then give them a copy of Every Day with ADHD to read to further expand their understanding.

Q. The school my 8 year old son goes to will not accept him unless he’s on medication. I did not want him on medication. What do you suggest?

S. The most important thing for your son is to attend school and be like every other kid on the block. It’s obviously disappointing for you but until the system changes we have to make the best of what is available. Hopefully he will learn something along the way.

Q. Is there any chance that medication will hurt my daughter?

S. Medication has been used for school aged children for decades. I personally have not heard of one report or research paper which would indicate that the proper use of ADHD medication has had any long term ill effects. Always talk the issue over with your doctor.

Q. With my husband’s new business, we have the opportunity to move anywhere in Australia. Is there a better state or environment for my son?

S. The effect that an environment has on a person is very individual. The interests of your son and other children need to be taken into consideration. Obviously, the more positive the environment, the more positive your son’s reaction. I can say that many children with ADHD respond well to more open spaces, natural environments and simpler lifestyles.

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