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Do most kids grow out of it?

No, I do not believe that many children grow out of ADHD. The medical fraternity suggest that only a small percentage of children take ADHD into adult life, however I have an alternate view. I have also met many adults who only now recognise that they have ADHD. These individuals were not diagnosed when they were younger and therefore had no understanding of what was impacting their lives. I believe many remain unaware while some have put strategies in place to deal with traits such as poor short-term memory and disorganisation. Still others have managed to harness their strengths.

School-aged children still represent the vast bulk of diagnosed cases, although ADHD is becoming recognised as a condition that is suffered by adults. In some cases, adult diagnosis of ADHD may occur only after their children have been diagnosed and treated for the condition.
(Medication for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): an analysis by Federal Electorate) (200103 Research Brief no. 2 200405)

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